Metafocus 1 -Single hinged rusted steel door 1150mm x 1080mm

Metafocus 2 -Double doors in rusted steel can be hinged or sliding 1300mm x 1000mm

Metafocus 6 -Double hinged doors in rusted steel 1500mm x 1000mm

Metafocus 9 -This model is a limited edition allowing only 100 to be made worldwide.

One off models can be custom designed – both the firebox and the sculptured façade – to special dimensions.

Les Metafocus


Focus develops its range of fireplaces with doors with the Metafocus: works of art in raw polished or rusted steel. The sculpted fronts have an individual beauty, revolutionizing the idea of a traditional fireplace. Each façade is numbered and signed by Dominique Imbert. The façades consist of either single or double doors that open on side hinges or slide sideways to provide a full view of the hearth. The square, horizontal or vertical fronts transform the fireplace’s functional aspect, either hiding the remains of a dead fire or revealing the mesmerising magic of a lit one. An interior glass door can be opened or left closed.

8 – 16kW output

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